• Start Date: January 16th @ 9am PST
  • Submissions Close: January 25th @ 5pm PST
  • Judging Ends: January 27th @ 5pm PST
  • Winners Announced: January 27th


  • Age: above legal age of majority in country of residence (check Rules for more details).
  • Teams of 1-4 people are allowed.
  • Prizes: projects must be open source and must satisfy all submission requirements to be eligible for any/all Prizes listed under prizes section.
  • All submissions are only eligible for one prize max. Once a project wins in a category, it will no longer be eligible to win in any other category. This does not include the CCD award.
  • [New] Submit reports and inquiries:
  • [New] Final decisions: decisions made by judges about winning projects are final and will not be reconsidered. Requesting re-judgement after winners are announced may result in being banned from future Courier Hacks events.
  • [New] Plagiarism: copying projects or code from other projects is not allowed and will result in being banned from future Courier Hacks events.
  • Courier Community Developer Award:
    • Projects do not need to be open source to receive this award.
    • Any projects that have previously received the Courier Community Developer award ($20 Amazon gift card) will not be eligible for that award again.
    • Any projects that were previouly submitted but did not receive this award (e.g. for not meeting requirements) are still eligible if they meet the current requirements for this hackathon.
    • These projects only need to pass the "Courier Integration" and "Demo" criterias listed within the Judging Criteria to be eligible.
    • Limited to 100 submissions.